Saturday, August 6, 2011

I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves

Hi.  Remember me?  It has been a while...again... please forgive.  I am so sick of "catching up" posts, but for the sake of documentation here is a list of words that pretty much sums up the last two months.

lake powell
lost camera
found dog
girls camp planning
hair cut
internal conflict
external conflict
new camera
half marathon training
girls camp
youth conference
school prep
pay raise
taxes raised
insurance raised
middle finger raised (just kidding)
home improvements
family pictures

Do ya dig it? I do.  for the most part.  Another great summer has come and is about to go.  I have three weeks till school consumes my life.  I am scared to death of school.  Expectations are somewhere between overwhelming and so not worth it.  We'll see what really happens though. Want to see a good movie?  Watch Defiantly Maybe.  Thank me later.