Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm trying to win!!

I'm trying to win this give away at ALL THINGS THRIFY.  Its a Silhouette machine, and I would LOVE to have one.  Here is the link to the give away!

Go enter! it ends tomorrow!

Friday, January 7, 2011

One Hand on this Wily Comet

Hello again Internet.  Its been quite some time, but I'm back and I still love you. The last few months have been the busiest of my LIFE. But, they have been marvelous and I can't wait to tell you of our adventures.

First things first though.  It IS the New Year.  You know, 2011?  Which means resolution time.  I have always been really really bad at doing resolutions.  I am really really good at making them up though.  BUT I have implemented plans for all of them, so wait with baited breath for me to accomplish, because that is what I do in life my friends.

1. Keep a clean bedroom.  Sound simple, but let me tell you I am TERRIBLE at cleaning things.  I wait till the mess gets so bad that I can't stand it, then I clean the entire house in a fit of rage. I am out to change this about myself. The Plan: Clean the room and make the bed every morning, put clean clothes away immediately, and wash dirty clothes as soon as I have a load.  Let me confess something to you.  Last week, I did NINE  loads of laundry.  Pretty impressive right? but think about this...all those clothes were once on my bedroom floor. Thus, keep a clean bedroom for 2011.

2. Keep a clean kitchen.  The Plan: do the dishes every night before bed.  I have been pretty good at this so far.  But dishes are my least favorite of all chores for some reason. I love making the mess, but not cleaning it up.  Strange  eh? Sounds like a seven year old to me, so lets snap out of that Angie.

3. Wear a bikini summer 2011, and look GOOOOOD in it. Of course, just for the husband.  Don't judge me mom. This resolution is an "exercise more" resolution in disguise.  I'm getting a gym pass with my two sisters in law.  Whitney is an incredibly fit woman, which is a little intimidating for me, but I'll just cover up those emotions with humor.

4. Save money! I have gotten pretty darn good at budgeting.  I have calculated to the dollar our monthly budget.  If all goes as planed, we should be putting about 300 a month into our savings account.  That is with me donating plasma twice a week since I don't exactly have a job right now.  But I haven't been able to donate because of a little thing called too much protein in my urine.  My mom immediately jumped the the conclusion of pregnancy when I told her that information, but I am CERTAIN I am not because of a special sign in my life that comes once a month and says, "no babies this month!" And I am grateful for that.

5. Graduate from college.  Easy, this is just here so I at least get something done.

Those are it! Pretty manageable.  On to more fun things. And PICTURES OF EVERYTHING.

I'm not going to catch you up on the last few months, so I am just going to do 2010 in review.  Here is what we were up to!

January: Found the right guy, the right dress, and picked the right date!

February-April: School, wedding plans, wedding plans, and more wedding plans. Made the deans list! Eric worked and worked and worked for Hunt electric and was totally in love with me.

May: Got married, and vacationed the heck out! Went to Mexico, Taiwan-the land of amazing mango's, and went to China for amazing shopping and the Great Wall.  It was the most amazing place I have ever visited.

June-July: Lived at Uncle Mike's house in West Haven.  Eric worked and worked some more, Angie looked and looked for a job.  No luck.  Went on a super fun camping trip in the Uintas.  Learned how to fly fish and caught two on my first time.  Wore a fanny pack.  Did not regret it.

August: Purchased a house on 08/09/10.  Moved in a few days later.  Got a job at Phoenix Services turning THIS:

into THIS:

every week for 8.25 an hour for a 30 year old woman who acted like a ten year old.  Loved her.
Eric-sick of working. Had a sinus infection for the past three months. Still very much in love with me.

September: See last post.

October: Surgery day! We both felt super goofy the morning of, and EVERYTHING was funny.  Eric posed for me in his gown.  Three hours later, he was out of surgery and all wrapped up in a sling telling me how fine he felt.  What a stud.  Then, pumpkins! I couldn't stop laughing when Eric with his one arm went scrambling into the pumpkins to find the perfect one.  "People think I'm crazy, but I like my pumpkins the way I like 'em!" Ha ha! I laugh every day with that man.

November: Penny pinching, Angie reaches a breaking point at work and quits, with permission from Eric. Finals week at school.  Got 3.5. Good enough for me. FINALLY got the courage to ask for letters of recommendation.  

December: Decorated our first Christmas tree together!  I made Eric a memory book, and he got me goggles for skiing and a beautiful coat from Down East. We got to go skiing with my dad and Isaac, then again with Eric's family.  I'm lucky to have such great ski instructors! I am getting better.  Slowly.  But there is improvement.

ha ha ha, had to do the tree shot a few times.  The boy is a goof! :)
That it! Ok, can you believe that we survived for three months on 8.25 an hour with a house payment and all the trimmings (water, gas, electric, Internet, etc..)!! I am so proud of us. Eric is completely healed up and back at work with Hunt.  He is trying to start his school

Oh! I am a part of a crafting/how are things going blog with my sister in law.  Got to to check out what we have been crafting lately.  And oh how I have been crafting.  I update it about as much as this blog, but you guys love reading this stuff.  So go for it.