Friday, April 1, 2011

I just ruined that.

I did something kind of terrible.  It was my Dad's birthday yesterday.  And lets just say, this man is the worlds greatest.  He works hard, loves us all, and will make time for anyone who needs it.  He can basically fix anything, and he even fixed a popped balloon for me as a little girl.  He is 51 years old, and still doing everything he loves.  If you need a best friend, this is your guy.  Love ya dad.

But I gave him the worlds worst birthday present.  I have to start this story with another story.  When I was around four or five years old, I had to give a talk in my primary class.  It was on mothers day, and I had the entire thing memorized and ready to go.  My mom would hold up pictures and I would recite a mothers day poem.  Except for my older brother John got this great idea.  He told me it would be really funny if I said, "HUBBA BUBBA ROOT BEER BELLY" really loud into the microphone instead of doing my talk.  And for some reason, I thought that was the best idea ever.  So a sweet, curly haired four year old girl gets up to the mic, takes a deep breath, and says the hubba bubba recitation as many times as she could.  My mom yanked me down from that pulpit by the ears and got after me.  Then she put me back on and, to my ever lasting shame, I hubba bubba-d again.  John and his friends were cracking up.  I again, got yanked down and was told I was dead meat if I didn't give this talk.  So I got up one more time and got on with it.  And I did very well.  But this just demonstrates the strange power that John has over me.  He gets me to do these types of things that are funny to him, but not to mom and dad.

Ok, back to the party.  John whispered in my ear that I should go print off an ultrasound and give it to dad for his birthday.  The classic pregnancy prank.  Initially, I thought it was really funny.  So I snuck into the computer room and found a little blob online and printer her off.  Then, after all the presents had been given, I told my dad that I had one more and that Eric and I had been working on it for almost a year.  He opened the envelope and his eyes got huge.  Then he flipped the fake ultra sound around and everyone EXPLODED.  I didn't even have time to say APRIL FOOLS.  My mom pulled me up off the couch and was hugging me and jumping up and down.  During this hug, John and I locked eyes.  I made the face of "Oh, this is the worst.  The absolute worst." and he made the face of "This is the absolute best."  Then I backed away and shook my head.  That's when my mom realized this was all a joke, and started slapping me across the back.  "IT WAS JOHN! JOHN!"  I yelled out.  Then, John deservedly got a few slaps of his own.  Jake looked very disappointed, and I felt like I betrayed my own family.  And then I realized that when I really am pregnant, I had ruined the moment of excitement.  Instead of everyone jumping up and being excited, their first reaction will be "......really?? Is it for reals this time??"  Dang it.  and dang that brother of mine for always getting me to do the dirty work.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh, that is awesome!! I love it.

  2. Do Mormons believe that Jesus is God? Do they adhere to the Orthodox view of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or the Trinity? Do Mormons believe that Jesus, being God, is eternal, not created? Just asking.
    A Christian in North Carolina,

  3. Oh, sorry, I should have mentioned I come by way of your comment to her testimony, cathy

  4. Cathy,
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believes that Jesus Christ is God's son. We do not believe in the Trinity, but believe that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Gost are all completely seperate beings. If you read in Acts 7:55-56 in the New Testament, Stephen sees "Jesus standing on the right hand of God." Also, when God and Jesus appeard to Joseph Smith, they were two seperate beings. As far as Jesus not being created, all I know is that our Heavenly Father created all of us, His sons and daughters on Earth. I know that Jesus is also our brother, and God's son. To me, this means that he was created by God, but that does not mean he is not eternal. Does that make sense at all?? I hope so! Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or want more explaination, I would love to do my best to answer! Also, if you would like, here is a link to 13 statements of our basic beliefs.


  5. If I said I was a Mormon, but did not believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, or that the book of Mormon was completely true, would you think I was a Mormon? You cannot call yourself a Christian if you do not believe Jesus is God. that is it in a nutshell, just call yourselves Mormons, LDS, or whatever else, but do not mislead people by calling yourselves something you are not. I am not a theology major, but I have done alot of studying on this issue because my parents belong to a group called The Worldwide Church of God. They are not Christians either. I needed to know why....on a very personal level. While I studied one point became very clear...a question to always ask, "Who do you say Jesus is?" If the answer is anything other that Jesus is fully God, fully Man, eternal in exsistance, the second Person of the Holy Trinity well, those folks are not Christians. I did not invent this, it is a mystery to me, but I know this to be true. I don't know if anyone has ever told you these things, or perhaps they (your leadership) have anticipated this kind of challenge and have prepared a defense, I am not a debater, but, my commission is from Jesus to go and tell, so I have. You might google "Apostles Creed" that is Christianity in a nutshell. I wish you well, Cathy

  6. Well, Cathy you might not have invented it, but the Counsel of Nicaea did. To say that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints view of the Godhead does not agree with that of post-New Testament Chirstian history is true. Instead, our view of the Godhead returns to doctrine taught by Jesus Himself in the Bible. So, according to the contemparary "definition" of Christian, we are not. But according to the Bible, yes we are. Who God is not a mystery to me. He has an eternal body of flesh and blood. We look like him. We were created after his image. He still speaks to his prophets today. I have studied the scriptures to know if this is true. I have prayed about it, and have had a witness. Hopefully, this has cleared up a common misunderstanding. Good luck to you.

  7. I do not need luck, Angie. As I said, I have told you the truth. Matthew 7:21-23...your testimony is false. But, remember, by are not Christian. I would love to be a size 8....I can say I am a size 8, I can buy size 8 clothes....they just won't fit...same-same. Nuf said.

  8. I couldn't agree with you more. According to the definition of Christian decided on by the Counsel of Nicaea, I am most definatly NOT a Christian. But I do believe and try to follow Jesus Christ and his teachings, and that-to me at least-is Christian. I may not be a size eight at your particular store, but the sizing chart is different at the store I shop at. We could argue back and forth forever, but what is most important is that through the Atonement, we can all repent and be saved. We are going to have to agree to disagree about what we have been discussing, and especially about my testimony being false. But I think we can agree that Christ has enough love for all of us, no matter what we believe. I have always loved the scripture James 1:5. Not just because it is what Joseph Smith read, but because it can apply to everyone. Christ is always on the other side of the door, waiting for us to knock. And He is always willing to help us through our trials and answer our questions. I apologize if I have offended you, or if I have made you feel "attacked" in anyway. Thats not my intention. I respect you and what you believe, and it is good to see you are passionate about it. I hope I can have the same respect from you someday.