Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love love. I love being in love. I don't care what it does to me.

Happy anniversary to the greatest guy I know!  One year ago on the 14th of May, we were joined in the holiest matrimony known to man.  It was the best day ever.  And our after party was pretty ballin, if I do say so myself.  This year has been really crazy, but really awesome.  Fair warning:  This post may or may not contain more information than you ever wanted to know but this is for posterity people!  And also my own sentimental agenda.  So, read on if you can. 

The past year, I have noticed some of the quirks Eric and I have rubbing off on each other.  Here are some examples:

Eric to me:
Hatred of over sized camper trailers parked in our neighbors driveways.  And covering them with a blue tarp doesn't make them any less of an eye sore.

Bands: The Shins (A Comet Appears), The Shiny Toy Guns (Weather Girl), and Idiot Boyfriend from Jimmy Fallon.

Sunday drives to look at houses.  This is a lot more fun than you think.  There are some really beautiful houses out there.  There are also some really awkward looking ones as well.

Weekly trips to get ice cream-Farr's Fresh, Cold stone, Maverick, the works.

Me to Eric:

The need to rise off all shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the hot shower water before use. 

Bands: Regina Spektor (anything-they are all good.), HeyDay, and countless rap songs.

Love of Kid Flicks

Love of Breakfast in bed

Love of slack lining

I have also become much more organized.  I am in charge of bills and our monthly budget.  Fair enough, seeing as I have left Eric in charge of filling our bank accounts all by himself for now.  Eric has taken to decorating.  He says he hates Hobby Lobby, but every time we go there he finds something he wants to hang on the walls.  :)

And now, a small sampling of pictures.

 Skiing at the Canyons
 Grandma Memmott's 90th birthday
Camping at Current Creek in the Uintas

Now I must tell you the tale of our Anniversary because it was FAB-U-LOUS.  The day started out with breakfast in bed, compliments of yours truly.  Cinni-burst Great Harvest bread made into french toast.  Divine.  And bacon-the crowd favorite.  Then we had planned earlier to go do sealings at the Salt Lake temple, but it turned out my little brother Mikey was going to go through the temple on our anniversary, so we went for that option instead.  It was an experience unlike any other.  Especially since someone farted really loud in the Celestial room (supposed to be really reverent and spiritual in there), and we all had to leave because we couldn't stop laughing. 

Then Eric took me to an awesome sandwich shop for lunch, and surprised me by taking me dress shopping.  He must have noticed my heavy sighs on Sunday mornings when I changed outfits for the third time.  Dresses are getting a little tight.  It may or may not be time to let go of my high school clothes.  Anyway, we went shopping.  For THREE HOURS.  And Eric realized how hard it is to find a great dress that isn't skanky and fits right.  But he ended up picking out the winner from Down East.  And let me tell you, I look BOMB in that thing.  So we headed home and I sent Eric to our bedroom for a little surprise of my own.  NOT THAT.  yet.  I had printed off twelve pictures of us from the past year and wrote the memory and something I loved about him on the back, then attached them to balloons of our wedding colors.  **If you plan on copying this idea, make sure you get the balloons the day of and not the day before.  Because I did the day before and every single one went flat.  Bummer eh?**  He loved it.  Then we broke out the sparkling cider and our fluted glasses and toasted to ourselves.  Turns out we don't like sparkling cider, so we just took picture pretending to be drunk. 

Then we had our wedding cake.  It was a little dry, but tasted like a giant almond joy. If I did it over again, I would have a small piece on the 14th of each month.  That way it wouldn't all go to waste and it would be moist the first few months at least. 

After that, we started talking about where to go to dinner.  We both wanted the same place- Le Nonne.  Located in Logan Utah, the city of dreams.  So I put on my new dress, and we headed up!  It was a long drive, but the best food we have both ever had is from that very restaurant.  If you want a slammin romantic dinner with your lover, go to Le Nonne.  You won't regret one single bite.  The restaurant is in a little Victorian house, the food is Italian, and it makes Hamiltons look like a glorified Apple bees. 

On the way up to Logan, I spilled my wallet in the car.  And what do you know, gift certificates for the Anniversary Inn fell right out.  Which gave us the great idea that maybe we should stay there that night.  So we stopped by to see what was available.  Turns out, they had a 300 dollar room marked down to 150.  And we had 50 bucks in coupons.  So pretty much it had to happen.  We booked the Hollywood Romance room.  It had a gigantic TV, a free movie rental (The Notebook-Eric teared up a little!), and free popcorn and soda.  It was so much fun.  So we booked it and headed to our dinner reservations.  We got our favorites-crab ravioli for Eric, and Pollo Le Nonne for myself.  Then we took some pictures where we very first met slacklining at good old Oakridge.  We watched our movie, did some canoodling, slept, ate breakfast and made it back in time for church.  It was probably my favorite day of married life.  Spontaneous anniversary plans rock, because they can't go wrong.  Next year:  Show up at the airport and book a flight to a random destination.  I can't wait.  I am so madly in love with this guy.

PS: More pictures to come.  As soon as I find Eric's camera adaptor thing.  Sorry.