Saturday, August 6, 2011

I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves

Hi.  Remember me?  It has been a while...again... please forgive.  I am so sick of "catching up" posts, but for the sake of documentation here is a list of words that pretty much sums up the last two months.

lake powell
lost camera
found dog
girls camp planning
hair cut
internal conflict
external conflict
new camera
half marathon training
girls camp
youth conference
school prep
pay raise
taxes raised
insurance raised
middle finger raised (just kidding)
home improvements
family pictures

Do ya dig it? I do.  for the most part.  Another great summer has come and is about to go.  I have three weeks till school consumes my life.  I am scared to death of school.  Expectations are somewhere between overwhelming and so not worth it.  We'll see what really happens though. Want to see a good movie?  Watch Defiantly Maybe.  Thank me later.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love love. I love being in love. I don't care what it does to me.

Happy anniversary to the greatest guy I know!  One year ago on the 14th of May, we were joined in the holiest matrimony known to man.  It was the best day ever.  And our after party was pretty ballin, if I do say so myself.  This year has been really crazy, but really awesome.  Fair warning:  This post may or may not contain more information than you ever wanted to know but this is for posterity people!  And also my own sentimental agenda.  So, read on if you can. 

The past year, I have noticed some of the quirks Eric and I have rubbing off on each other.  Here are some examples:

Eric to me:
Hatred of over sized camper trailers parked in our neighbors driveways.  And covering them with a blue tarp doesn't make them any less of an eye sore.

Bands: The Shins (A Comet Appears), The Shiny Toy Guns (Weather Girl), and Idiot Boyfriend from Jimmy Fallon.

Sunday drives to look at houses.  This is a lot more fun than you think.  There are some really beautiful houses out there.  There are also some really awkward looking ones as well.

Weekly trips to get ice cream-Farr's Fresh, Cold stone, Maverick, the works.

Me to Eric:

The need to rise off all shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the hot shower water before use. 

Bands: Regina Spektor (anything-they are all good.), HeyDay, and countless rap songs.

Love of Kid Flicks

Love of Breakfast in bed

Love of slack lining

I have also become much more organized.  I am in charge of bills and our monthly budget.  Fair enough, seeing as I have left Eric in charge of filling our bank accounts all by himself for now.  Eric has taken to decorating.  He says he hates Hobby Lobby, but every time we go there he finds something he wants to hang on the walls.  :)

And now, a small sampling of pictures.

 Skiing at the Canyons
 Grandma Memmott's 90th birthday
Camping at Current Creek in the Uintas

Now I must tell you the tale of our Anniversary because it was FAB-U-LOUS.  The day started out with breakfast in bed, compliments of yours truly.  Cinni-burst Great Harvest bread made into french toast.  Divine.  And bacon-the crowd favorite.  Then we had planned earlier to go do sealings at the Salt Lake temple, but it turned out my little brother Mikey was going to go through the temple on our anniversary, so we went for that option instead.  It was an experience unlike any other.  Especially since someone farted really loud in the Celestial room (supposed to be really reverent and spiritual in there), and we all had to leave because we couldn't stop laughing. 

Then Eric took me to an awesome sandwich shop for lunch, and surprised me by taking me dress shopping.  He must have noticed my heavy sighs on Sunday mornings when I changed outfits for the third time.  Dresses are getting a little tight.  It may or may not be time to let go of my high school clothes.  Anyway, we went shopping.  For THREE HOURS.  And Eric realized how hard it is to find a great dress that isn't skanky and fits right.  But he ended up picking out the winner from Down East.  And let me tell you, I look BOMB in that thing.  So we headed home and I sent Eric to our bedroom for a little surprise of my own.  NOT THAT.  yet.  I had printed off twelve pictures of us from the past year and wrote the memory and something I loved about him on the back, then attached them to balloons of our wedding colors.  **If you plan on copying this idea, make sure you get the balloons the day of and not the day before.  Because I did the day before and every single one went flat.  Bummer eh?**  He loved it.  Then we broke out the sparkling cider and our fluted glasses and toasted to ourselves.  Turns out we don't like sparkling cider, so we just took picture pretending to be drunk. 

Then we had our wedding cake.  It was a little dry, but tasted like a giant almond joy. If I did it over again, I would have a small piece on the 14th of each month.  That way it wouldn't all go to waste and it would be moist the first few months at least. 

After that, we started talking about where to go to dinner.  We both wanted the same place- Le Nonne.  Located in Logan Utah, the city of dreams.  So I put on my new dress, and we headed up!  It was a long drive, but the best food we have both ever had is from that very restaurant.  If you want a slammin romantic dinner with your lover, go to Le Nonne.  You won't regret one single bite.  The restaurant is in a little Victorian house, the food is Italian, and it makes Hamiltons look like a glorified Apple bees. 

On the way up to Logan, I spilled my wallet in the car.  And what do you know, gift certificates for the Anniversary Inn fell right out.  Which gave us the great idea that maybe we should stay there that night.  So we stopped by to see what was available.  Turns out, they had a 300 dollar room marked down to 150.  And we had 50 bucks in coupons.  So pretty much it had to happen.  We booked the Hollywood Romance room.  It had a gigantic TV, a free movie rental (The Notebook-Eric teared up a little!), and free popcorn and soda.  It was so much fun.  So we booked it and headed to our dinner reservations.  We got our favorites-crab ravioli for Eric, and Pollo Le Nonne for myself.  Then we took some pictures where we very first met slacklining at good old Oakridge.  We watched our movie, did some canoodling, slept, ate breakfast and made it back in time for church.  It was probably my favorite day of married life.  Spontaneous anniversary plans rock, because they can't go wrong.  Next year:  Show up at the airport and book a flight to a random destination.  I can't wait.  I am so madly in love with this guy.

PS: More pictures to come.  As soon as I find Eric's camera adaptor thing.  Sorry. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

I just ruined that.

I did something kind of terrible.  It was my Dad's birthday yesterday.  And lets just say, this man is the worlds greatest.  He works hard, loves us all, and will make time for anyone who needs it.  He can basically fix anything, and he even fixed a popped balloon for me as a little girl.  He is 51 years old, and still doing everything he loves.  If you need a best friend, this is your guy.  Love ya dad.

But I gave him the worlds worst birthday present.  I have to start this story with another story.  When I was around four or five years old, I had to give a talk in my primary class.  It was on mothers day, and I had the entire thing memorized and ready to go.  My mom would hold up pictures and I would recite a mothers day poem.  Except for my older brother John got this great idea.  He told me it would be really funny if I said, "HUBBA BUBBA ROOT BEER BELLY" really loud into the microphone instead of doing my talk.  And for some reason, I thought that was the best idea ever.  So a sweet, curly haired four year old girl gets up to the mic, takes a deep breath, and says the hubba bubba recitation as many times as she could.  My mom yanked me down from that pulpit by the ears and got after me.  Then she put me back on and, to my ever lasting shame, I hubba bubba-d again.  John and his friends were cracking up.  I again, got yanked down and was told I was dead meat if I didn't give this talk.  So I got up one more time and got on with it.  And I did very well.  But this just demonstrates the strange power that John has over me.  He gets me to do these types of things that are funny to him, but not to mom and dad.

Ok, back to the party.  John whispered in my ear that I should go print off an ultrasound and give it to dad for his birthday.  The classic pregnancy prank.  Initially, I thought it was really funny.  So I snuck into the computer room and found a little blob online and printer her off.  Then, after all the presents had been given, I told my dad that I had one more and that Eric and I had been working on it for almost a year.  He opened the envelope and his eyes got huge.  Then he flipped the fake ultra sound around and everyone EXPLODED.  I didn't even have time to say APRIL FOOLS.  My mom pulled me up off the couch and was hugging me and jumping up and down.  During this hug, John and I locked eyes.  I made the face of "Oh, this is the worst.  The absolute worst." and he made the face of "This is the absolute best."  Then I backed away and shook my head.  That's when my mom realized this was all a joke, and started slapping me across the back.  "IT WAS JOHN! JOHN!"  I yelled out.  Then, John deservedly got a few slaps of his own.  Jake looked very disappointed, and I felt like I betrayed my own family.  And then I realized that when I really am pregnant, I had ruined the moment of excitement.  Instead of everyone jumping up and being excited, their first reaction will be "......really?? Is it for reals this time??"  Dang it.  and dang that brother of mine for always getting me to do the dirty work.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You call that parenting?

For the first time in my life, I feel like beating the living crap out of ten year olds.  And I wouldn't feel one bit bad about it.  I feel like picking them up by their ears and screaming horrible, profain things at them. 

And that's how I feel about bullies. 

He is the sweetest little tender-hearted person I know.  He loves talking.  Loves to chat with you about any topic.  He could beat most guys my age at COD Black Ops.  He is an amazing little wakeboarder.  Next Parks Beaunifay (I have no idea how to spell that) if you ask me.  He looks out for the little guy.  He lifts up the hands that hang down.  Here is a story.  He saw some neighbor kids selling lemonade, and he felt bad that they weren't getting any business.  So he grabbed his own money that he had earned, I think it was $30.00, and gave it to them.  He said, "Here.  I know how hard it can be to be out here and not make much money."  He loves to give me hugs when I come home.  He likes knock knock jokes, and LOVES gushers.  He wants to be just like his older brothers.  He has a stutter.  It's easy to get annoyed by it, but he just wants someone to hang in there and let him finish his story.  The most valuable thing you can give him is your time and attention.  He will do anything if you ask him nicely.  He can do the tango like it's his day job.  Reading outloud is hard for him.  He has never had a best friend.  Well, never had one that has treated him like a friend.  Yesterday, no one would let him sit on their seat on the bus.  He tried to sit in the isle way, but the bus driver got mad.  Still, no one offered him a seat.  So he went to the back and layed down on the floor where the bus drive couldn't see him.  His "friends" tell him they can't play, and then get together and play football across the street.  He never has a partner for school projects, unless it's assigned.  One day on the way home from school, neighbor kids said terrible things to him.  So terrible that the little girl who lives across the street came home crying to her mom because they were so burtal.  He used to have stomach aches every day.  He tried switching schools, twice actually.  But he ended up going back because it wasn't any different.  Hopefully, the love he feels from his family will be enough. 

And that's why I feel like injuring small children.  What did he ever do, to anyone? And guess what.  His biggest bullies are YOUR kids.  Yep.  Your perfect angels who you love and adore.  Your kids who live houses away from him, and you have no idea.  And it makes me want to take a dump in your mail box.  They don't have to be his best friend, but they can at least treat him like a human being. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This just in: Michael Macfarlane will be serving in the China, Hong Kong mission.  He will report to the MTC on August 3rd, 2011.

90 percent of the time, I am right ALL THE TIME.  And I won prize money for my spot on guess. 

Make love not war,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Right now I am listening to "Take a Chance on Me" by ABBA because I just found my long lost Ipod (ummmm maybe a year and a half of not being listened to) and it has some GREAT hits on it.  I even have the Backstreet Boys on there.  And I can't help but get down with my bad self when I hear that song. Also, I once tried to be a backup singer on a karaoke game for this song, and it was truly exhausting! Try saying "take a chance take a chance, take a chicka chan chance" over and over again for three minutes straight.  It takes talent. Also, I am so excited to again begin dedicating the song "Express Yourself" at random times to Eric.  It makes me laugh really hard.  And it makes his eyes roll really hard.

Anyway, I got a letter from University of Utah last Saturday.  Don't worry, I have only bee waiting at the mailbox every day for two weeks for the mail lady to see if it has come.  I opened it and guess what.....they said that I am on a waiting list in case any of their first picks drop out.  Poor Eric had to hold me while I cried for about, oh, two and a half hours.  Because CLEARLY that means there is no chance of me getting in.  And if I don't get in, I will most certainly die.  Sometimes you have to just roll your eyes at yourself.  I often have to.  What this means is that I still have a chance, and I am so thankful for that.  And if I don't end up getting accepted, maybe that means I really am not cut out for two years of super stressful school, which I didn't think I was in the first place.  Maybe they saw my resume and said, "Hey this girl is WAY TO SUCCESSFUL.  We need to give someone else a chance to rock at life first." and that is just fine by me.  If I have to wait another year to apply again, guess just puts me right in line with the rest of the people my age.  I AIN'T SCURRED.  anymore.  Plus, when I told my family they all congratulated me, because to them that means I am as good as in.  They are the best. 

Did you know there is a wonderful man in my life?  It's true.  I love him soooo much.  He is one of the most handsome, smart, funny, charming, and cavalier people I know.  And he is defiantly not my husband.  Check out this stud. 

You want a date don't you?  SORRY.  My kid brother is off limits for about two and half years, because he is getting his mission call this week!!  I am very excited for him.  My top three guesses are 1. Taiwan.  2.  Hong Kong.  3. Portugal. Just in case he doesn't speak Chinese.  I let you know when I'm right.  Bottom line, whoever this guy chooses to marry is a dang lucky girl.  Your children will be beautiful.

Wanna see another stud?  Hang on to your pantyhose. 

That is the face Eric's little brother makes after he finds out he will be living in Russia for two years.  So excited and also very afraid for his life!
Here is one more question.  How could you love this face? 

Well, if you have a face like this:

You probably wouldn't mind so much.  This was our valentines day date.  We are darling, so hush your mouth. 

I almost forgot, I got free food from the grocery store.  Smiths had a sale on pasta where if you buy ten, packages were only 49 cents each.  Then I printed off a ton of coupons online for $1.00 off two package.  Which makes those things FREE FREE TOTALLY FREE.  So I got thirty packages of pasta for free.  I also got five mango's, ten packages of yogurt, two packages of bagels, and a loaf of bread.  Total price of my order? $5.12.   Blink and look again.  You saw right.  Five dollars and twelve cents.  They don't call me food stamps for nothin. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I read this at today.  The same thought has been on my mind recently.  I feel like there is a lot of hypocrisy that goes on when it comes to religion.  I have heard a lot of talk about some of my own beliefs and how narrow minded they are.  I have heard people say that the church I belong to needs to be more accepting of all different lifestyles and choices because "its who they are." Every time I hear that I think, "well you don't seem very respectful and accepting of MY lifestyle.  You don't seem very accepting of MY beliefs."  Excuse me for not changing what I believe to follow social trends.  Pardon me for being faithful to my religion, believing in God, and trying to obey His commandments.  It seems like people who oppose my religion can be as critical of me and my church as they want, but I'm not allowed to speak out against someone else.  If I do, I'm judgemental.  I'm narrow minded.  I get eyes rolled at me and gasped at if I speak what I believe, but everyone else would love to tell me what they think and how I am wrong.  I have never told anyone how they should live their life.  If I am asked my opinion, I give it honestly.  What makes people think they can tell me what I should believe? Why can't they respect my choices the way I respect theirs? 

There are teachings and commandments and doctrine in the church that I don't understand.  There are things I have doubts about.  There are also things that I know are true.  There are teachings that kept me out of trouble in high school.  There are teachings that taught me to serve and love everyone.  There are teachings that helped me understand why I have trials and how I can repent and be a better person.  So, I don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.  That is what I love the most about the LDS church.  I love that I don't have to know the answer to everything.  I can gain a testimony of gospel principles one at a time, and I am allowed to doubt and have questions.  In fact, I'm encouraged to study out in my mind and my heart if what the church teaches is true.  I love that I can put commandments to the test and see how I feel about it and see if I get blessings from them. 

In the Book of Mormon, it says that men are free to choose.  Free to choose the right or the wrong.  I don't want to take that choice away from anyone, but there is still right and wrong out there.  Those definitions don't change.  When the world says, people should be able to do (fill in the blank), I agree.  They should be able to choose to do whatever they want with their life.  What I disagree with is whether that choice is right or wrong.  Same sex relationships are a sin.  But people can certainly choose to do that if they please, and I'm not going to tell anyone they CANT do that.  I expect people to do the same for me.  You can think what I do and what I believe is completely backwards and makes me a terrible person.  But I still have the right to make my own choices without having you tell me how I should be. 

I don't mean to offend anyone in what I write.  I just wish we could all play nice.  Thanks for reading, and feel free to post your thoughts.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Worst Dinner Ever

I like to think I'm a pretty good cook.  But tonight, I did something horribly wrong.  Its a black mark on my cooking record for sure.  I decided to make.....MEATLOAF. Why? Oh, because I have never liked it of course! And we had all the ingredients...meat, ketchup, and a bread pan.  And a toilet to vomit in after.  There is nothing appealing about meatloaf.  The true reason I made it is because I thought Mr. Hronek liked it, and I could suffer through it for him if I mixed it with potatoes.  I put it in the oven right as he was coming home from work, and we were ready to eat when he was out of the shower.  {That was all vital information} We had dinner and I served the lumpy, ketchup ball to each of us.  Then I looked over and saw Eric stirring his potatoes and making them into a large crater, then a mountain, then a map of lake powell.  "Do you like meatloaf?" I asked.  "Umm....nuh uh. Sorry."  AH! me either. We have SOOO much in common.  Then a pound of meaty love went straight to the trash.  Then we ate potatoes and chocolate cake.  Chocolate cake is something I understand and appreciate well, as evidenced by my squishy appendages.  And by that I mean arms and legs.  I have rock hard abs. {also vital information}Bottom line here people.... only cook what you want to eat. And meatloaf should spend the rest of its life in the bottom of a landfill.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm trying to win!!

I'm trying to win this give away at ALL THINGS THRIFY.  Its a Silhouette machine, and I would LOVE to have one.  Here is the link to the give away!

Go enter! it ends tomorrow!

Friday, January 7, 2011

One Hand on this Wily Comet

Hello again Internet.  Its been quite some time, but I'm back and I still love you. The last few months have been the busiest of my LIFE. But, they have been marvelous and I can't wait to tell you of our adventures.

First things first though.  It IS the New Year.  You know, 2011?  Which means resolution time.  I have always been really really bad at doing resolutions.  I am really really good at making them up though.  BUT I have implemented plans for all of them, so wait with baited breath for me to accomplish, because that is what I do in life my friends.

1. Keep a clean bedroom.  Sound simple, but let me tell you I am TERRIBLE at cleaning things.  I wait till the mess gets so bad that I can't stand it, then I clean the entire house in a fit of rage. I am out to change this about myself. The Plan: Clean the room and make the bed every morning, put clean clothes away immediately, and wash dirty clothes as soon as I have a load.  Let me confess something to you.  Last week, I did NINE  loads of laundry.  Pretty impressive right? but think about this...all those clothes were once on my bedroom floor. Thus, keep a clean bedroom for 2011.

2. Keep a clean kitchen.  The Plan: do the dishes every night before bed.  I have been pretty good at this so far.  But dishes are my least favorite of all chores for some reason. I love making the mess, but not cleaning it up.  Strange  eh? Sounds like a seven year old to me, so lets snap out of that Angie.

3. Wear a bikini summer 2011, and look GOOOOOD in it. Of course, just for the husband.  Don't judge me mom. This resolution is an "exercise more" resolution in disguise.  I'm getting a gym pass with my two sisters in law.  Whitney is an incredibly fit woman, which is a little intimidating for me, but I'll just cover up those emotions with humor.

4. Save money! I have gotten pretty darn good at budgeting.  I have calculated to the dollar our monthly budget.  If all goes as planed, we should be putting about 300 a month into our savings account.  That is with me donating plasma twice a week since I don't exactly have a job right now.  But I haven't been able to donate because of a little thing called too much protein in my urine.  My mom immediately jumped the the conclusion of pregnancy when I told her that information, but I am CERTAIN I am not because of a special sign in my life that comes once a month and says, "no babies this month!" And I am grateful for that.

5. Graduate from college.  Easy, this is just here so I at least get something done.

Those are it! Pretty manageable.  On to more fun things. And PICTURES OF EVERYTHING.

I'm not going to catch you up on the last few months, so I am just going to do 2010 in review.  Here is what we were up to!

January: Found the right guy, the right dress, and picked the right date!

February-April: School, wedding plans, wedding plans, and more wedding plans. Made the deans list! Eric worked and worked and worked for Hunt electric and was totally in love with me.

May: Got married, and vacationed the heck out! Went to Mexico, Taiwan-the land of amazing mango's, and went to China for amazing shopping and the Great Wall.  It was the most amazing place I have ever visited.

June-July: Lived at Uncle Mike's house in West Haven.  Eric worked and worked some more, Angie looked and looked for a job.  No luck.  Went on a super fun camping trip in the Uintas.  Learned how to fly fish and caught two on my first time.  Wore a fanny pack.  Did not regret it.

August: Purchased a house on 08/09/10.  Moved in a few days later.  Got a job at Phoenix Services turning THIS:

into THIS:

every week for 8.25 an hour for a 30 year old woman who acted like a ten year old.  Loved her.
Eric-sick of working. Had a sinus infection for the past three months. Still very much in love with me.

September: See last post.

October: Surgery day! We both felt super goofy the morning of, and EVERYTHING was funny.  Eric posed for me in his gown.  Three hours later, he was out of surgery and all wrapped up in a sling telling me how fine he felt.  What a stud.  Then, pumpkins! I couldn't stop laughing when Eric with his one arm went scrambling into the pumpkins to find the perfect one.  "People think I'm crazy, but I like my pumpkins the way I like 'em!" Ha ha! I laugh every day with that man.

November: Penny pinching, Angie reaches a breaking point at work and quits, with permission from Eric. Finals week at school.  Got 3.5. Good enough for me. FINALLY got the courage to ask for letters of recommendation.  

December: Decorated our first Christmas tree together!  I made Eric a memory book, and he got me goggles for skiing and a beautiful coat from Down East. We got to go skiing with my dad and Isaac, then again with Eric's family.  I'm lucky to have such great ski instructors! I am getting better.  Slowly.  But there is improvement.

ha ha ha, had to do the tree shot a few times.  The boy is a goof! :)
That it! Ok, can you believe that we survived for three months on 8.25 an hour with a house payment and all the trimmings (water, gas, electric, Internet, etc..)!! I am so proud of us. Eric is completely healed up and back at work with Hunt.  He is trying to start his school

Oh! I am a part of a crafting/how are things going blog with my sister in law.  Got to to check out what we have been crafting lately.  And oh how I have been crafting.  I update it about as much as this blog, but you guys love reading this stuff.  So go for it.