Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fast forward five months.

Wowie wow wow, look here.  Its 2012 and I'm still kickin.  Thats right, people.  Graduate school has not, in fact, killed me like I thought it would.  Although I was ready to rip out my hair during finals week, I am proud to say that my grades were good enough to stay in the program and even apply for a few scholarships.  And here are my true feelings about graduate school:  This was on of my greatest decisions.   Even though I may complain all the time, I have learned so much.  I feel like I am finally learning what I need to know to be successful.  I am learning how to be a more critical thinker.  Which means when you say, "There is a study that shows that watching sponge bob square pants makes your brain rot" I say, who did the study? Who participated?  What were the methods?  Show me show me show me, data, data, data!!! Which is liberating.  I'm actually doing therapy on real live people.  Haven't killed anyone yet, so thats great!

Christmas break was like a dream.  I worked a few days a week and started a huge project.  I painted my kitchen cabinets.  It was not as easy as all the blogs say it is.  It took three weekends to finish.  And at first I thought I loved them but now I am not sure if they look country and cute or just messy.  So if you feel like calming my nerves, come by and tell me how fabulous they look.  I'll post some before and after pics soon.  We spent Christmas eve with my family, and Christmas day with Eric's.  We got to talk to our brothers on their missions.  SOO proud of Mikey and Chris.  And we shot guns!  because Eric got an over and under for Christmas.  So we are officially protected from intruders.  And he got me the most beautiful kitchen aid mixer.  And I have been baking bread like a mad woman.  Also brownies.

I went pheasant hunting for my first time.  It was really fun and I even killed a bird.  Then I stashed it in my pocket, which was weird.  And Grover kept trying to chew on the feet that were sticking out.  It was Grover's first hunt too.  He did pretty well.  He was shy at first, but warmed up near the end.  He stuck pretty close to me and Eric, but I think with some more exposure that he will be a great hunting dog.  Then maybe we can rent him out and pay for all the things he has chewed up in the past few months.

Most recently, he ripped up the carpet in my parents house.  As in chewed a two foot square of carpet and pulled back about a 1x8 foot piece.  and also clawed the door from top to bottom.  And I could have killed him that night.  For the record, lets make a list of things Grover has chewed/eaten/destroyed.

1. My favorite red shoes
2. Eric's leather belt
3. our bar stools
4. my coffee table
5. a box of cereal
6. two boxes of crackers
7. a loaf of home made bread
8. Five doors-scratched
9. door frame in the garage
10. 3 feet of paper towel-which he could not pass and tried to drag into the house half finished.
12. our garden
13. our compost pile (most disgusting rotten belches)
14. My vacuum attachments
15. Eric's shoes
17. Garbage, garbage, garbage
18. Carpet
19. Horse poop
20. a plate of Christmas cookies.

....and lets just stop there for now.  My mom says I could write my own version of "Marley and Me."  She is probably right.  Lucky for him, I think he is the best looking dog ever and he cracks me up on a daily basis.  This dog hugs me.  Puts his gigantic paws around me and his head on my shoulder.  He gets so excited about food that he starts drooling when I cook.  He loves fruit and Wendy's.  And also, dryer lint.  He can run for miles, and my father in law clocked him at about 30 miles an hour once.  Hopefully this puppy stage passes soon.

Other than that, life is the same.  And I don't mind that.


  1. What a cute post! I like stalking you. Very impressed with your hunting prowess. Love the Grover stories- so true about Marley and Me.

    1. thanks! I don't know if you can call it prowess just yet. Mostly luck!

  2. Angie, you're a saint! haha. Grad school and a crazy dog! That's a heck of a lot more than I could handle. I love this. I found your blog and I'll forever stalk you.

    1. Yay! Now we both have new blogs to read when were bored ha ha

  3. im afraid to tell you the puppy stage lasts 2-3 years. rudy is just getting out of it... I want to see your cupboards

    1. Oh no! He is going to have to be banished to the back yard. We need to have you guys over again-been too long!

  4. Oh my gosh! I can't believe how many things Grover has eaten or ruined! I still think Lyndi takes the cake for the butterfly least you have a new and better one now but I felt horrible about that and thought it was unfix-able. Can't wait to see your cabinets. I'm jealous of how cute your house is and I'm sure they will be the same.

    1. I know! He didn't always chew but its gotten bad the past little while. The butterfly thing is in the past! And lets get together and you can help me feel ok about the change.