Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feels Like Home to Me

Great news!  We finally got our house!  It is so wonderful to own our own place, have our own yard, choose the paint colors we want, and be able to sleep out on the roof if that is what our hearts desired! Things are a little tighter as far as money goes, but it is so worth it.  Plus, I actually really love to be frugal and budget, so it's a win-win situation.

I got that job I was talking about!  I work for a company called Phoenix Services.  They provide supported living for people with brain injuries.  Basically I go to a person's home and help them clean, grocery shop, get out in the community, or whatever they want to do that day! I am really enjoying it.  Especially because it is giving me good experience for when I become a speech therapist.

Speaking of which, I have been studying my brains out for the GRE.  Mostly I have been working on vocabulary and root words, so I really need to review my math the next two weeks.  I take it on September 25th.  Ah!  I will probably end up taking it again, but I have decided to stop stressing about it and start dominating it.  Graduate school is really intimidating to me for some reason.  I am most nervous about letters of recommendation.  I asked for one of my teachers to keep an eye on me because I was planning on asking her for a letter.  I think that is the best approach.  I just realized something.  I'm terrified of being rejected by these people.  I am afraid to ask for letters because I'm afraid they will say no.  I'm afraid to apply for graduate school because I'm afraid I won't get it.  Well I'm going for it anyway so I never have to wonder what would have happened if I would have tried.  Cross your fingers ;).

Eric is getting his surgery on October 1st.  I have been keeping my eye out for jobs, but now I need to start frantically searching!  I think he scheduled the surgery more so he could have a break from work than so he could have a stable joint in his arm.  I don't blame him though.  Those construction workers don't have much respect for anything, it would be a hard environment.  On the positive though, Eric starts his EMT training in January! I am so excited for him and I really think it is something he will be good at.

Other than that, I'm just living my life one day at a time.  I love it.  I love my husband! He makes me laugh every day and not a thing has changed about us being perfect for each other.  Yep, we are still in that "overly touchy, mushy, blissfully and unrealistically happy" honeymoon stage, and we don't plan on getting out of it any time soon.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Filthy. Oh well.

My name is Angie and I purchased a broom two days ago.  Which means that I have not swept the kitchen floor since we moved into my hot uncle Mike's basement in May.  Does that make me a horrible person?  No.  It makes me a great person with a dirty kitchen floor. Here is how bad Eric and I DIDN'T want to go out and buy a broom and dust pan.  We put down an old blanket on the tile so we didn't walk in the dirt.  Don't worry, DON'T WORRY. I used one of our gift cards to Bed Bath and Beyond (we are RICH  there) and took care of the problem.  Happy to say, the blanket is back in the closet and we can walk in bare feet in the kitchen without getting crumbs stuck to the bottom of our feet.

So much is happening in the next few weeks, months, etc.  First of all, we are going to Lake Powell on Monday!!  I am so excited and Eric is dying for a break from the construction industry.  He works for Hunt Electric building the new City Creek mall in Salt Lake.  The mall is going to be like the Gateway on steroids.  I'm pretty excited, but Eric is ready to quit.  My man wants to be a fire fighter.  I am so excited for his change in career choice!  We are looking for EMT classes to get him started, so if you know where they are offered in the Clearfield area, let me know! I can't find where they are offered online for some reason.  But the closer to Clearfield the better because......

WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE THERE!!!  West Point, actually.  Its right next door though.  It has been the longest process of my life.  Turns out, buying a house is nothing like buying a new pair of jeans. First, you pick your house.  It took us three months of looking to find the perfect home for our new Hronek family.  Then you tell the person selling it, in our case-the bank, how much you want to pay for it.  Then you wait for four months for them to say yes or no.  Then they want you to give them all your money and get approved for a large loan in a matter of two weeks.  Then getting a loan is a whole new set of obstacles.  Here's a fact.  I have 0 credit.  That's bad.  Anyone out there who doesn't have a credit card, go get one.  Then buy yourself a new shirt with that credit card, then immediately pay it off.  Then, you will officially have better credit than me and be able to buy a house.   That is basically all true.  Ok, long story short, the bank said yes to how much we wanted to pay and we have our loan approved (5 month process. start it right when you start looking.) and Eric and I will be home owners within the next two weeks.  I am so excited an nervous.  Good bye life savings, hello house!

On top of that, Eric has a torn ligament and will need surgery on his shoulder, the poor chap.  It takes about an three hours to perform the surgery, and about three months to recover.  That means Angie needs two jobs to help pay for a house while the Mr. gets better. I have an interview on August 9th at 11:30.  Pray for me on that day, at that time.  Then I need a job on Tuesdays and Thursdays up in Logan between the hours of 11:45am and 3:00pm.  I am driving up to Logan two days a week for school.  If you have a job up there that is hiring, or if you hear of one, or if you just want to give me money....I am open to all of the above. 

Then, I have to take a big, scary, 4 hour test called the GRE (the ACT of college students??) so that I maybe might get into graduate school.  That's going down in September, but I have started studying my root words and my Kaplan GRE study book is being shipped as you read. Did anyone read this whole big thing? Just wondering. Anyways, crazy, exciting, amazing, scary times ahead.  Bring it, life.  Bring it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kind of Cute, Kind of Funny, Kind of Touching

My older brother, Jake, showed me this video of a boy named Joshua who has Asperger's syndrome. Asperger's is on the Autism spectrum and people who have it have a hard time knowing "what to say when, to whom and how much" if that makes sense. Watch the video. Laugh. Cry. Then make your life better by understanding people who have Autism.

StoryCorps » Animation

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This IS the life

Well hello again Internet.  It has been a long time, but I am now jobless so I have plenty of spare time on my hands to contribute to the blogging world.  I've been wed since the last post! On May 14, 2010 I married my perfect match and haven't looked back.  I just have to say, I loved every part of my wedding! It was a dream come true and everything was beautiful.  I'm sure my mother is glad to have it taken care of, she has pretty much been planning weddings since November when my older brother John got engaged.  She handled it well, minus all the boxes of milk duds to dull the pain of loosing two children in less than a year ;).  

Anyway, being married is the funnest.  Eric and I went on our honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, then two weeks later we went to Taiwan and China!  We had a great time relaxing in Mexico, and loved being with our family in Taiwan and China.  Lots of great memories and stories, too many to really tell.  So of course, there will be a flood of pictures to follow.  Also, we went camping over the Fourth of July weekend!  We went to a place called Current Creek and borrowed Eric's Dad's fishing boat.  Eric taught me how to fly fish and I caught 2 fish! It was so fun! Eric also hooked a couple and we watched a lightning  storm that night.  

Other than that, I wait like a little puppy for Eric to come home from work and then we eat dinner and do something fun.  Every night is like date night and we don't ever have to worry about how late we get home because WE ARE HOME! Speaking of homes, we are trying to buy a house! Its a lot harder than I thought it would be.  We made the offer back in March and we still haven't heard from the bank if it is accepted or not.  But we have our fingers crossed that we will know for sure by the end of this month.  For now, we live with my Uncle Mike in West Haven.  I'm lucky to have family that is so kind and willing to save us poor newly weds for a while.  Well, check out the pictures as proof that we are loving life right now.  We are soakin it up while we can!!