Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Worst Dinner Ever

I like to think I'm a pretty good cook.  But tonight, I did something horribly wrong.  Its a black mark on my cooking record for sure.  I decided to make.....MEATLOAF. Why? Oh, because I have never liked it of course! And we had all the ingredients...meat, ketchup, and a bread pan.  And a toilet to vomit in after.  There is nothing appealing about meatloaf.  The true reason I made it is because I thought Mr. Hronek liked it, and I could suffer through it for him if I mixed it with potatoes.  I put it in the oven right as he was coming home from work, and we were ready to eat when he was out of the shower.  {That was all vital information} We had dinner and I served the lumpy, ketchup ball to each of us.  Then I looked over and saw Eric stirring his potatoes and making them into a large crater, then a mountain, then a map of lake powell.  "Do you like meatloaf?" I asked.  "Umm....nuh uh. Sorry."  AH! me either. We have SOOO much in common.  Then a pound of meaty love went straight to the trash.  Then we ate potatoes and chocolate cake.  Chocolate cake is something I understand and appreciate well, as evidenced by my squishy appendages.  And by that I mean arms and legs.  I have rock hard abs. {also vital information}Bottom line here people.... only cook what you want to eat. And meatloaf should spend the rest of its life in the bottom of a landfill.


  1. MEatloaf is the worst. I totally agree with you. You should get a dog, they are good for eating cooking mistakes and you don't have to feel bad about throwing it away.