Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You call that parenting?

For the first time in my life, I feel like beating the living crap out of ten year olds.  And I wouldn't feel one bit bad about it.  I feel like picking them up by their ears and screaming horrible, profain things at them. 

And that's how I feel about bullies. 

He is the sweetest little tender-hearted person I know.  He loves talking.  Loves to chat with you about any topic.  He could beat most guys my age at COD Black Ops.  He is an amazing little wakeboarder.  Next Parks Beaunifay (I have no idea how to spell that) if you ask me.  He looks out for the little guy.  He lifts up the hands that hang down.  Here is a story.  He saw some neighbor kids selling lemonade, and he felt bad that they weren't getting any business.  So he grabbed his own money that he had earned, I think it was $30.00, and gave it to them.  He said, "Here.  I know how hard it can be to be out here and not make much money."  He loves to give me hugs when I come home.  He likes knock knock jokes, and LOVES gushers.  He wants to be just like his older brothers.  He has a stutter.  It's easy to get annoyed by it, but he just wants someone to hang in there and let him finish his story.  The most valuable thing you can give him is your time and attention.  He will do anything if you ask him nicely.  He can do the tango like it's his day job.  Reading outloud is hard for him.  He has never had a best friend.  Well, never had one that has treated him like a friend.  Yesterday, no one would let him sit on their seat on the bus.  He tried to sit in the isle way, but the bus driver got mad.  Still, no one offered him a seat.  So he went to the back and layed down on the floor where the bus drive couldn't see him.  His "friends" tell him they can't play, and then get together and play football across the street.  He never has a partner for school projects, unless it's assigned.  One day on the way home from school, neighbor kids said terrible things to him.  So terrible that the little girl who lives across the street came home crying to her mom because they were so burtal.  He used to have stomach aches every day.  He tried switching schools, twice actually.  But he ended up going back because it wasn't any different.  Hopefully, the love he feels from his family will be enough. 

And that's why I feel like injuring small children.  What did he ever do, to anyone? And guess what.  His biggest bullies are YOUR kids.  Yep.  Your perfect angels who you love and adore.  Your kids who live houses away from him, and you have no idea.  And it makes me want to take a dump in your mail box.  They don't have to be his best friend, but they can at least treat him like a human being. 


  1. That makes me sad. Really sad. I hope it gets better for him.

  2. It makes me so sad! I would feel terrible if Kylie ever treated anyone like that. I tell her she doean't have to "like" everyone but she always has to be kind and respectful...everyone deserves that. And in my preschool I try to teach the same thing. I can only control how they act while they are with me and when they are with me they MUST be kind to everyone. If they have a problem or something bugs them they can tell their a respectful way.
    There are too many parents that don't help their children become better people!