Thursday, July 8, 2010

This IS the life

Well hello again Internet.  It has been a long time, but I am now jobless so I have plenty of spare time on my hands to contribute to the blogging world.  I've been wed since the last post! On May 14, 2010 I married my perfect match and haven't looked back.  I just have to say, I loved every part of my wedding! It was a dream come true and everything was beautiful.  I'm sure my mother is glad to have it taken care of, she has pretty much been planning weddings since November when my older brother John got engaged.  She handled it well, minus all the boxes of milk duds to dull the pain of loosing two children in less than a year ;).  

Anyway, being married is the funnest.  Eric and I went on our honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, then two weeks later we went to Taiwan and China!  We had a great time relaxing in Mexico, and loved being with our family in Taiwan and China.  Lots of great memories and stories, too many to really tell.  So of course, there will be a flood of pictures to follow.  Also, we went camping over the Fourth of July weekend!  We went to a place called Current Creek and borrowed Eric's Dad's fishing boat.  Eric taught me how to fly fish and I caught 2 fish! It was so fun! Eric also hooked a couple and we watched a lightning  storm that night.  

Other than that, I wait like a little puppy for Eric to come home from work and then we eat dinner and do something fun.  Every night is like date night and we don't ever have to worry about how late we get home because WE ARE HOME! Speaking of homes, we are trying to buy a house! Its a lot harder than I thought it would be.  We made the offer back in March and we still haven't heard from the bank if it is accepted or not.  But we have our fingers crossed that we will know for sure by the end of this month.  For now, we live with my Uncle Mike in West Haven.  I'm lucky to have family that is so kind and willing to save us poor newly weds for a while.  Well, check out the pictures as proof that we are loving life right now.  We are soakin it up while we can!!


  1. I LOVE your blog!! Cant wait to see you again!

  2. sounds like you are having too much fun! what are you holding fourth picture up?! haha. can't wait to keep up on everything in your life!
    xoxo, jamie