Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Right now I am listening to "Take a Chance on Me" by ABBA because I just found my long lost Ipod (ummmm maybe a year and a half of not being listened to) and it has some GREAT hits on it.  I even have the Backstreet Boys on there.  And I can't help but get down with my bad self when I hear that song. Also, I once tried to be a backup singer on a karaoke game for this song, and it was truly exhausting! Try saying "take a chance take a chance, take a chicka chan chance" over and over again for three minutes straight.  It takes talent. Also, I am so excited to again begin dedicating the song "Express Yourself" at random times to Eric.  It makes me laugh really hard.  And it makes his eyes roll really hard.

Anyway, I got a letter from University of Utah last Saturday.  Don't worry, I have only bee waiting at the mailbox every day for two weeks for the mail lady to see if it has come.  I opened it and guess what.....they said that I am on a waiting list in case any of their first picks drop out.  Poor Eric had to hold me while I cried for about, oh, two and a half hours.  Because CLEARLY that means there is no chance of me getting in.  And if I don't get in, I will most certainly die.  Sometimes you have to just roll your eyes at yourself.  I often have to.  What this means is that I still have a chance, and I am so thankful for that.  And if I don't end up getting accepted, maybe that means I really am not cut out for two years of super stressful school, which I didn't think I was in the first place.  Maybe they saw my resume and said, "Hey this girl is WAY TO SUCCESSFUL.  We need to give someone else a chance to rock at life first." and that is just fine by me.  If I have to wait another year to apply again, guess what...it just puts me right in line with the rest of the people my age.  I AIN'T SCURRED.  anymore.  Plus, when I told my family they all congratulated me, because to them that means I am as good as in.  They are the best. 

Did you know there is a wonderful man in my life?  It's true.  I love him soooo much.  He is one of the most handsome, smart, funny, charming, and cavalier people I know.  And he is defiantly not my husband.  Check out this stud. 

You want a date don't you?  SORRY.  My kid brother is off limits for about two and half years, because he is getting his mission call this week!!  I am very excited for him.  My top three guesses are 1. Taiwan.  2.  Hong Kong.  3. Portugal. Just in case he doesn't speak Chinese.  I let you know when I'm right.  Bottom line, whoever this guy chooses to marry is a dang lucky girl.  Your children will be beautiful.

Wanna see another stud?  Hang on to your pantyhose. 

That is the face Eric's little brother makes after he finds out he will be living in Russia for two years.  So excited and also very afraid for his life!
Here is one more question.  How could you love this face? 

Well, if you have a face like this:

You probably wouldn't mind so much.  This was our valentines day date.  We are darling, so hush your mouth. 

I almost forgot, I got free food from the grocery store.  Smiths had a sale on pasta where if you buy ten, packages were only 49 cents each.  Then I printed off a ton of coupons online for $1.00 off two package.  Which makes those things FREE FREE TOTALLY FREE.  So I got thirty packages of pasta for free.  I also got five mango's, ten packages of yogurt, two packages of bagels, and a loaf of bread.  Total price of my order? $5.12.   Blink and look again.  You saw right.  Five dollars and twelve cents.  They don't call me food stamps for nothin. 


  1. Mike is a stud. I'd date him :) Let me know when you find out where he is going!

  2. Just so you know the same thing happened with my brother David/Bryan and Med school; he DID end up getting in. If it's not to late, you should call him.