Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Right now.

Right now I'm thinking of the list of things I needed to do by today, and so far I have 14/20 completed.  That's great! Thanks to all who came to the pity party- especially Miranda because she brought me cup cakes to celebrate.  Anyways, there are lots of ups and downs as far as school goes-it all depends on what happens in the delayed preschool I work in.  This week was much better.  If all else fails, bring an air popper to preschool and pop some pop corn.  Always a hit.  I'm also trying to distract myself from the sounds of drilling and hammering and clanking one wall away.  Sometimes, Eric's projects scare me.  Because they are "house changing."  My projects generally do not have an effect on the structural integrity of our home.  I'm resisting the urge to ask him not to accidentally drill a fist sized hole through our entry way wall (Love you  babe!).  Thats ok though.  They usually turn out, and if it doesn't- well I need him to owe me one so I can make one of these:

I love it.  He hates it.  But he loves me, so he already brought me home a cable spool from work and shortened it to coffee table height.  Although thinking about it now, he probably brought one home because I told him I was thinking of stealing one from the front runner station by our house. He usually tries to keep me from committing crimes.  What a guy!

It was his birthday on the 19th.  We went up to Heber and he went snowmobiling with his dad while I shopped with his lovely mother.  We got him some new church clothes and he looks FLY.  I also got him a sweet jacket from Colorado Free Skier, and took him to FloRider in Ogden with some friends.  Shout out to Quin- you're the man.  It was way fun.  And I even talked my friend Molly into giving it a try!  My husband and his friends are lucky because all their lady folk like each other.  Anywho.. Here is Eric being awesome at everything, as usual (except for ice skating.  don't let your head get big there, honey.)

Also, my dad took us skiing to Deer Valley.  It was really fun for me, but I always feel bad for Eric.  I'm still learning to ski because I pretty much had to send my snowboard through a wood chipper if I wanted to be in with the Hroneks.  So he sticks to the easier runs all day in order to teach me.  But, I am getting a little more confident so maybe in a few more seasons I'll be able to see him go off some cliffs and show me that back flip in real life.  (no joke.  I'm pretty sure.)  Anyways, just to prove that we are STILL just darling, I give you this:

Also, if you are still reading this, I wanted to just post the after pictures of my kitchen because I can't find my camera and I took the after pics on my phone.  SO- just imagine all these cupboards without bead board, plus wood/brass handles and dark grainy 80's wood.  And yes, that lovely blue counter top came with the house! (insert sarcastic tone here)  Also-do you spy my christmas present? My hubby knows best.  

Well, I don't know about you but my bum hurts from sitting here so long.  BYE!


  1. You are adorrrable! I love your posts! I love that you two are so fun! When we grow up, we want to be like the Hroneks!

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  2. Your cabinets look amazing! I want to come see the real thing. Also I think the round book holder is sweet. It would also be cool for when you have kids and a play room I think.

  3. Angie! You are so cute! I loved reading your blog! I've always thought you were the funniest person ever, seriously! I like that I can still creepily enjoy your humor by stalking your blog! ha!